How to Start Making and Selling Footwear Online

It’s now simple to wow online shoppers with your chic shoe collection online. Be it Sneakers or Summer sandals, they roadmap to starting a Shoe Business is now here.  Opening one requires planning and preparation but shoes are a great way to start a lucrative business.

Here’s how you can get started-

1.Target a niche: For instance, you can sell orthopedic shoes, designer women’s shoes, customized sneakers or even formal leather shoes. Understand what is it that you are passionate about selling and go for it.

2.Write a business plan: which should include the type of shoes you want to sell and draw up a retail business plan including margins and scope of growth.

3.Domain name and Hosting: Your domain name is the shop where customers are going to visit to shop for their shoe needs. So get that in place once your theme is decided.

4.Design your online store: offers a wide range of templates to create an online shoe store that’s fast, easy to use and highly marketable. What’s more is that it’s an end to end platform where you can set up your online shoe store and run it in the most convenient way.

5.Obtain your merchandise: Obtain your shoe store merchandise through wholesalers and distributors. Manufacturers often offer discounts and deals on bulk orders. Once you have the inventory sorted by shoe size, you’re ready to go. With Styledge store management you can keep tack of your entire catalog.

6.Keep Your Customers Happy: With doorstep delivery. With the fully automated and integrated logistics platform you can manage deliveries at cost effective and efficient ways.

Styledge offers your business an end to end E-commerce solution that handles website designing, inventory management and logistics management. Check our services out at


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