Online shopping has revolutionised the way we shop. We see more and more people switching from conventional shopping to online shopping because of its ease and perks. You name a product and undoubtedly you’ll find it on online stores, like Amazon, ebay, Flipkart and other big and small stores. Online shopping has become another example that shows how virtual media has become an inevitable part of our lives, since how people of all age groups rely on it and how it has profited the masses, sellers and customers alike. Moreover, it has increased employment opportunities and helps in economic growth as well. It has also led to coming up of new techniques and technologies for selling, marketing and providing the utmost shopping experience that aims at benefiting all.

Let’s take a look at the prominent reasons why people are moving towards online shopping culture:


We have multiple reasons that point out towards the fact that online shopping has become so, so convenient. Online shopping saves us the time and energy that we would otherwise spend on physically going to the market and buying things that we need, which includes products ranging from toiletries to grocery to electronics to clothing. Also, things from all over the world are available to us at a single place which is just a click away. Moreover, buying and making payments online has become very convenient for customers because of digitalization and transparency in online banking.

Online shopping is also a very convenient way of shopping for people who want to send products to another city or for gifting products to your friends and relatives who they cannot easily meet.


Online shopping provides people with the comfort and convenience to shop at any time of the day and from anywhere. It does not require them to be physically present at the shop and stand in lines in a crowded market and wait for their turns. You can browse; consider buying and examining the product at your own pace. You can also do your shopping in bits and pieces or however it suits you and your lifestyle. And what could be better than doing all this from your home!


Unlike how physically shopping drains your energy and makes you tired, online shopping is effortless and quick. It saves you from trying or examining each and every product that you consider purchasing. After you have selected what you want to buy, making payments for your purchases has become even more effortless because of online banking. Within minutes, you can pay your bills via credit cards, debit cards or net banking. There is also an option of cash on delivery for people who are not comfortable with online banking. On top of it, your purchases are delivered at your doorstep and you don’t have to carry all the weight by yourself. See how effortless online shopping from start to end is.

Low prices

Who doesn’t love discounts? All online stores today provide items on discounted rates.  This is the due to the fact that all products reach you directly from the manufacturer and no middlemen are involved. Though the lowered rates vary from one product to another, they are still comparatively cheaper from what you will get from your local markets. This helps people to shop for essentials and luxury products in a budget and also helps in making huge savings. Moreover, these days most of the online stores give additional gift vouchers and discount coupons from time to time to encourage people to shop online frequently. Also, prices are further reduced at the time of big occasions, festival and sales.

User friendly

Since everyone is familiar with what online shopping is and at one point or the other they must have done it as well, shows us how well accustomed we have become with it. This can be contributed to the fact that how user friendly the process is from searching for a desired product to examining to buying to finally paying for it. Online stores all give recommendations and show related products that enhance our shopping experience and give us clarity.  Everything is simple, systematic and instructed such that there’s rare scope of mishappenings, cheatings or any such malpractices. Content available on websites are usually present in English, so that people who shop online are accustomed with the language as well. It makes work easier. Also, because products are usually priced in local currency or can be converted to it, this makes it even more user friendly for its customers.

What next? It’s sale time everywhere, so make a wish list of what all you want to purchase and quickly log on to your favourite shopping website. Happy shopping!o

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