Logistics- The Key To E-Commerce


Speed is everything. Speed, with quality, can make or break your business venture.

The present-day e-commerce industry thrives on the speed, accuracy and organisation of the chain of events right from creation of the product to the delivery of the product. The more coordinated this process is, the more your e-commerce business will flourish.

As the business of an e-commerce company grows, supply-chain management becomes a key criterion of working. While small scale companies can regulate their supply chains, growing businesses outsource their logistics to a third party. This concept is commonly known as 3PL, Third Party Logistics. To monitor the services, equipments, finances and human resources as a large company can be a challenge. 3PL is the key to outsourcing large scale logistical projects.

From the raw material acquisition stage to the finished product delivery, logistics forms the backbone of any company. Procurement logistics deals with the acquisition, distribution and storage of raw materials. Reverse logistics, on the other hand, deals with managing the products post-delivery.

Clearly, a well-drawn up logistics plan is the need of the hour for every company. DHL, the world renown logistics firm says, “The key to a successful supply chain is not only planning how to distribute your product, but how to bring back both customer returns and obsolete products. Managing returns effectively lets you recapture value, reduce write-offs and keep your customers happy.”

E-commerce sales in India have risen by several billions of Dollars. India is the second fastest growing E-commerce  market. To keep up with these magnitudes, outsourcing your logistics department would be a smart move. Styledge not only provides engaging website designs for the front end of your business but also provides essential logistics management for your e-commerce venture.

We understand that E-commerce companies must focus on marketing and logistics together. In order to execute this concept, Styledge provides a working platform for every conceivable E-commerce idea.

A product you make is a promise you make. Fulfilling this promise and delivering your product to a satisfied customer can only happen with a healthy supply chain management scheme. Logistics is the key to an idea business plan and Styledge is here to help you sail through!