7 E-commerce Trends Of 2017

Rapid. Fast. Fleeting.

7 E-commerce Trends For 2017

Technology has accelerated the workings of every business. New changes are introduced everyday and here is a compilation of some trends in e-commerce that have come about in the last year.


  • More intelligent E-commerce sites.

The ability to capture data has brought the evolution of intelligent vendors. Based o the previous search history of the user, our tools can now suggest similar objects to him/her. Information such as location, age, professional interests etc can be easily extracted and used to direct sales and advertisements in that manner.


  • Subscription based models

These drive repeated visits from the same set of customers in addition to acquiring new ones. Alerting the user about the new strategies using effective email marketing can get you some loyal customers.


  • After the sale

The chain of actions does not end at delivery any more. After sales logistics management, customer care services and effective marketing to make your buyer return are some of the tactics used by e-commerce giants today. Styledge offers effective logistics management for e-commerce ventures.


  • Going mobile

Statistics say that mobile phones accounted for 59% of all website sessions but only 38% really resulted in a conversion. This is because laptops/personal computers are considered to be more secure than a cell phone. However, with phone apps for every business, the conversion rate from mobile devices can now be enhanced.


  • Is Black Friday here to stay?

Large scale discounts over a short period of time may have been an attractive strategy once upon a time. The question remains whether customers would appreciate lucrative offers for a longer period of time or splurge within a couple of days.


  • Digital India

With demonetisation, a steady decline in cash-on-delivery schemes is seen. A cash crunch was bound to make digital payments and e-wallets revolutionise e-commerce as we know it.


  • New Categories and Creative Ventures

Over and above discounted prices, e-commerce ventures today are keen on introducing a wide variety of categories. They don’t just stop there. Creative marketing campaigns with increased customer involvement are the key to draw more consumers towards your e-commerce website.


Change with the times and think out of the box. Adapting to these new trends with your own business strategy should drive your sales up by a multitude.



Guide to Selecting the Perfect E commerce Platform


Guide to selecting an Ecommerce Platform

What makes your business plan truly tangible and accessible is the website. It forms the interface between the consumer and the seller.

 For a newcomer, to establish a potent website can be a challenging task. Several online platforms exist to help you build your website.

For a business that is just gaining pace, picking a platform can be a challenging task.

 Here are some factors to consider before you select the best bang for your buck.

  •  What are your requirements?

Instead of directly looking up all the available options, you must first brainstorm with your team as to what you will need from your potential platform.

These requirements can be matched with the features of various platforms, before finally taking your pick.

  •  What are the design features?

User-friendly appearance scores over a complex appearance irrespective of the other features. If your dashboard/home page does not direct the user in the right direction, they will likely be lost and migrate to other vendors.

The design is the key feature of any website- picking the one that suits your business best is the key here.

  •  Templates v/s your own build

Another factor to consider is whether you can invest in a full-fledged web development endeavor instead of using the tools available already.

Some ideas require a unique build that cannot really be served by what we have online today. It is your call to invest in your build and maintenance versus a ready-made template available online.

  •  What is the nature of your business?

Some businesses work with digital deliverables while some, with physical. In either scenario, the logistics, management and working greatly vary. A detailed study of your working strategy will hint at the perfect platform you require.

  •  How do you plan to pay?

If you plan to use a third party payment processor, you must know exactly which platform is compatible with this medium.

Analyse if paying a monthly amount rather than a percentage of your total earning to the platform is a more viable business option.


Styledge provides a cost-effective and flexible approach. We offer a personalised service to cater to the specific needs of your business. Using as a platform will also ensure logistical simplicity. Check out our themes and offers for further details.

Right from customer experience to logistical management, from payment avenues to website design- every platform will offer different facilities.

It is imperative that we know what we are doing with our business or service and take a smart pick.










Why An E-commerce Business Is A Good Idea ?

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Technology has made the world a global village today. Our economy is largely dependent on how we use out technical platforms in our field of work.

 In this evolution, e-commerce has spread its wings far and wide and is rapidly becoming a lucrative business avenue. In the current business scenario, opening an e-commerce initiative is a wise choice.

 1. Make hay while the sun shines!

The popular market research company Emarketer predicts that e-commerce sales across the globes will reach $2.5 Trillion by the end of 2018. If you believe in striking while the iron is hot, an e-commerce business idea in this working environment will be a pot of gold for you.

 2. It’s simple, really.

It is no longer difficult to establish an e-commerce business. The internet has provided us with so many technical and logistical tools to help us out. We, at Styledge, offer an array of solutions to businesses that wish to open their e-commerce platforms using our services.

 3. The trend of online shopping and transactions has never risen more steeply before.

With every other person placing orders on various e-commerce vendors, it is evident that e-commerce suits the liking of the average individual today. Long commutes, unending waits and increased ‘online’ time have contributed to a high traffic on such platforms. It is said that at least 80% of the citizens of the world have at least once made an online purchase.

 4. It’s user-friendly.

The entire mechanism of e-commerce platforms is easy to understand. Styledge offers a range of responsive themes to design your website in the manner you like. A user with basic knowledge of how a computer works can also avail of e-commerce facilities.

 5. Join the brigade of quick earning.

With an e-commerce platform ready to deploy your business, you can sit back and relax as your products sell themselves. This, of course, comes with a plethora of conditions- effective marketing and business strategies. Styledge offers lucrative solutions to these issues and in no time, can make you the master of the e-commerce game.

 It is pretty clear that e-commerce is here to stay. What remains to be seen is how we make use of this concept to the best of our abilities.

International Women’s Day 2017- Celebrating our Women Entrepreneurs

For those who performed in every role, played every part and endeavored on every stint; to those who endlessly make painstaking efforts, who seamlessly win in every walk of life and has left no room for any doubt that there worth is much more than what patriarchal society has taken for.”

International Women's Day 2017

 Here’s to celebrate International Women’s Day 2017.

In today’s fast-paced growing economy, women are thriving hard, giving a knock-off competition to their male counterparts. The likes of Ariana Huffington, Swati Bhargava, Richa Kar, etc sets up the undisputable example to prove women’s competitiveness at par in a male dominant world.

Lets take a look at some of the Women Entrepreneurs who are working  with Styledge.

Sayli Chaudari  from Tisora Designs

 Sayli Chaudari from Tisora Designs


How has running a business shaped you ?

 I would say,it has not only helped me mould myself on a professional level but also on the personal front.It’s made me more confident in taking the risk,self dependence and last but not the least – a much patient and calm person.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

 Always take the leap! I did.If you are good at something and have always thought of starting your own business – do it! It’s worth it, you fail-you learn;you succeed-you fly!

Can you suggest some tips for an upcoming businesswoman?

 There is nothing like big or small work, even though you are CEO – you involve yourself in operations, become delivery person. This helps you understand the business aesthetically much better

Shruti Kumar from The Rover

Shruti Kumar from TheRover


How has running a business shaped you ?

When I started out at the age of 19,it was not with the intention of running a business, it was about following my passion for craft and artisanship.That it turned out this way is just a result of organic growth. Over a period of time, running my business has made me calm and pragmatic. It has made me trust my instincts more and shown me that i can use the same principles across different aspects of life.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would ask my younger self to not sweat the small stuff.I believe life has a way of working out if you stay true to what you love

Can you suggest some tips for an upcoming businesswoman?

Fail again and again but at different things


Zulakha Ahmed from Blings Accessories

Zulakha Ahmed from Blings Accessories


How has running a business shaped you ?

 What started out as a hobby in 2014, from selling on Instagram, was soon garnering numerous customers and amazing feedbacks from clients all over India.Fashion changes day to day and by bringing latest fashion junks at the disposal of my clients I’ve made myself acquainted with styling

What advice would you give to your younger self?

 I would advice my younger self to explore where the inner passion and talent lies.

Can you suggest some tips for an upcoming businesswoman?

Research and read about other women in the same field.It’s important for businesswoman to be assertive and handle criticism well and strive towards their goal thereby


Mayuri Chamaria from The Miraki

Mayuri Chamaria from The Miraki


How has running a business shaped you ?

 Running a business has made me more confident given me pride, made me a better person overall and it’s a satisfying experience.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

 Don’t be afraid of trying.Be more confident.

Can you suggest some tips for an upcoming businesswoman?

 Just go for it. Don’t stress. Believe in yourself.


Harshita Makhija from The Hanger

Harshita Makhija from TheHanger


How has running a business shaped you ?

 Being a woman entrepreneur, it gives me an empowering feel. Though the start-up front has become competitive, but having carved my own space as a sole proprietor is something of a lasting experience for me, and I thank Styledge for providing the platform and support.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

 To start taking more risks and come out of the comfort zone.

 Can you suggest some tips for an upcoming businesswoman?

 Don’t pull yourself back. Believe in yourself. If you can dream it then you can achieve it.


Ketki Pabrekar from Pink Mud

 Ketki Pabrekar from PinkMud


How has running a business shaped you ?

 Running a business on my own has made me so much more focussed and independent in all aspects of life. It pushed me out of my comfort zone into a place which we all get scared to enter . “That Space” is the scariest part which down the line becomes the most cherished one.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

 I would ask her stay more patient and calm ! Also not to be intimidated by the big players .. we all start somewhere ! Always believe in yourself ! if you don’t , no one will !

Can you suggest some tips for an upcoming businesswoman?

 1) Never try to copy others 2) Always be inspired 3) Yes!Money is important, but passion is more valuable 4) Don’t try to do everything yourself 5) Do not hurry 6)Lost opportunity does not mean last opportunity 7) Have fun!